I love animals. Most animals I think. I’m not afraid of spiders or snakes or bees. But one living thing that I really can’t stand is the cockroach.

On Saturday evening we were sitting and watching a movie, and on the TV stand I could see something shiny, but I thought it was just a reflection of the TV. I ignored it. After a while Otis started chasing something, but I thought it was something imaginary as he sometimes plays with imaginary things (one of the crazy things cats do…). But when he was insisting on trying to reach something in a corner I got up. I moved around some stuff that was in the way and out came a HUGE cockroach. I screamed, obviously, and my Soul  Man came to the rescue with a broom. We chased it around the apartment, me accompanying with a few screams of disgust here and there, especially when the awful thing started to FLY! Finally my Soul Man killed him mercilessly. It’s not easy to kill a cockroach, it’s hard and flat and even though you part it in two it’s still alive. Yuck.

We’ve luckily never had a cockroach before in our apartment, and I hope it never happens again. This time it flew in because we had the window open. Better to keep the windows closed from now on. Before I had no idea that the little creatures were able to fly..!