Autumn decorating


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Happy Sunday to you all! Yesterday was a re-decorating day. Don’t you find that when autumn comes you get an urge to re-decorate? I certainly do, and with my Soul Man rolling his eyes at me I started to pull out all the books from the book shelf. We reorganised the living room so that there now is a designated record listening area:


The tv corner got a make over too, I had to put lots of books in storage until we get a bigger place. But I could take out the pillow cases I bought from Stockholm (H & M Home):



Camilla Läckberg – crime but not too dark


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I just finished Camilla Läckberg’s latest book in Swedish. If you are looking for a good crime novel without it being too dark and depressing then Läckberg’s books are what you are looking for. She has already written a whole bunch, and they are getting better and better, the latest one was excellent. I have another one at home that I will start reading as soon as I finish the two that I’m reading right now! 🙂
By the way, don’t you think the books you read on your holiday become really special somehow? You always remember where you were when you read it, and you can’t give them away, you want to keep the memory. Anyway, have a lovely Friday night!


Probably the greatest club of all – Berghain/Panorama Bar


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When you are in Berlin you obviously have to go clubbing. And when you are in a city where you can find a club that has been voted as the best club in the world then there is no question, right?
Berghain/Panorama Bar is located in a former power plant, and it looks equally inviting:

The place is legendary. When we were in Berlin a couple of years ago we went there too, but didn’t quite realise what we were in for. This time we were more prepared. The place is infamous for its queues and its door policy. It is very, very, very difficult to get in and the door policy is not quite clear to anyone. Forget about high heels, sexy dresses or shirts and nice shoes. That will not get you in. Flirting with the bouncer won’t do it. The guys at the door are very intimidating and have been named by The Guardian to be the scariest bouncers in the world.
You can read suggestions on what you can do to get in on various pages on the Internet. The main points are usually to go in pairs, not to be drunk, not to be loud (in the last 50 metres of the queue it’s dead silent) and dress appropriately (what that is is up to you…But dressing down is the key.)
Not even half of the people in the queue get in. If they wave you in just say Danke Schön and thank your lucky stars. You will be searched at the entrance and you will have to leave your camera at the door. You are not allowed to take any pictures inside. You won’t find any mirrors or clocks anywhere, and the bathrooms are unisex. The decor is minimalist and industrial, and so is the music. I am not a huge techno fan, but the music there is spellbinding.

Berghain/Panorama Bar is an amazing, unforgettable experience. You go in and you enter a different world. When you leave your are haunted by the experience for days…

Vacation shopping


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No more vacation posts anymore after this one, it only depresses me. But I feel obliged to show you what I bought on my trip. Luggage space was limited, and therefore my shopping too. But here it goes (the flower in the middle has nothing to do with the story, it is merely an innocent bystander):


– A top and a pair of jeans from Tiger of Sweden. The sales in their shop in Helsinki were superb!
– Two dessert cups from Iittala. Nowadays I adore everything that has anything to do with traditional Finnish design.
– The cute fridge magnets from Moko I showed in a previous post
– Magazines, both Finnish and Swedish.
– Cd:s, mostly Swedish ones, that I can’t get a hold of here in Barcelona and that are too expensive to order online. I do buy quite a lot of music, I really don’t like the sound of it when it comes from a computer, it’s not the same. I bought lots of vinyls too, but they aren’t in the picture I’m afraid.
– A pair of autumn boots from Stockholm. They are soooo gorgeous, I can’t wait to wear them!
– Pillow covers from H&M Home. They have so many nice things there!
– A gorgeous vintage bag from Berlin… The owner was so sad to see it leave, but we promised to take good care of it.
– Books! Can’t wait to start reading!
– A bracelet made of sweet water pearls by the Swedish label Våga. I’ve already worn it so much. I wish I would have bought the necklace too.

Top holiday moments – Berlin


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Berlin was the next destination on the agenda. We were there for almost a week, so I have a lot to tell you from there. The best dinner was the first night, in an Italian restaurant that I mentioned in a previous post. We had the most amazing plate of pasta with cheese and truffles, made at our table, and it tasted heavenly:

Berlin is filled with the cutest little bars and restaurants. Here in a bar in Kreutzberg, with cider:

We visited beautiful Tiergarten:


We saw the inside of many record shops, for example this one that smelled really, really bad, I think they use the place as a clandestine drug joint off hours:


On Sunday we went for brunch and flea market shopping. There one could find me amidst it all:


In Prenzlauer Berg we went to a million different tiny shops, for example this great book store:



In Prenzlauer Berg we also had an amazing breakfast:


Berlin is the place to be for amazing breakfasts, here another one in Friedrichshein:


This is exactly how happy I am when sitting on a terrace and having breakfast:


We made it to the East Side Gallery where we saw some amazing art work:


Close to the gallery there are a few beach bars, we visited two of them. This one, curiously enough, is called just how many people think my last name is spelled and pronounced…


When in Berlin one obviously has to go clubbing too, right? We did, but more about that in a separate post!

Top holiday moments – Stockholm


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So, then we went to Stockholm! There we had four intensive days doing all sorts of things. My favourite thing was meeting my niece that I haven’t seen since forever, and his lovely fiancée! Apart from that we spent a lot of time in Södermalm, in record shops, vintage stores and book stores of course. A favourite vintage store was Lisa Larsson Second Hand, filled to the brim with lovely things:



I tried on the most gorgeous dress from the 50’s, I wish I would have bought it… Here I am with my vintage dress pose:


I liked Urban Deli, where we had really, really good meat:

But my absolute favourite restaurant was Pappa Ray Ray, also in Södermalm. It is the cutest place, and the food is so good. We had a charcuterie plate and moules frites and rhubarb panna cotta. I want to go back:




We visited Skansen too, an open-air museum in the middle of the city. I can really recommend it!


I loved these little piglets!

Hey, that’s me again!


We visited Fotografiska museet to visit the Sally Mann exhibition. It was quite thought provoking.


There was also an exhibition about the Olympics which I found very interesting, and one about August Strindberg (in one of the photos he looked exactly as Johnny Depp!)


We did a tour in Gamla Stan, love the narrow little streets there:

Stockholm was lovely, can I go back now?

Top holiday moments – Finland


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I’m doing a wrap up of the top moments of each of our holiday destinations, we’ll start with Finland. The best was obviously seeing friends and relatives. Here is the cutest one, we had so much fun. She is reading a book, hence the serious face:


The week up in the north was calm with lots of nature. Here are a couple of pics taken by my Soul Man:



It was quite cold most of the time, but we took the opportunity to go to the beach (Fäboda). Here I am, making sure everything is as it should be:


Obviously we saw some cows too, that goes without saying:


We took the plane to Helsinki where we spent the weekend. We went to the best festival ever, Flow Festival. I was there with a chair in my arms:


We did a little bit of shopping, and finally my Soul Man could get his hands dirty looking for treasures in the record shops. I bought a leather bag which I didn’t let go of for the rest of our trip:


Oh, I forgot to mention an important thing about Finland. I got to cuddle with this little cutie (her name is Elsa and she is a darling):


And that was Finland in a nutshell!

Home sweet home


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We are home! I haven’t done much of anything yet, I’ve taken a shower and most importantly I went for some sushi to Fast Kibuka. Oh how I missed it!


Tomorrow morning starts the unpacking and at 10 o’clock we will finally be reunited with little Otis. I just have a feeling that he is not so little anymore..! Kitty cats grow a lot in three weeks…!

On our way home!



We are on our way home to Barcelona! After three weeks on the road I’m looking forward to getting home, sleeping in our bed, listening to my music, reading my books, eating our food, complaining about the heat and humidity and above all, seeing our kittycat! I miss that little furball so much. And we will get a wonderful bonus too, darling Bisou will join us for a few weeks for lots of fun with our Otis. Can’t wait!

Someone stop the time please

The time goes too quickly, only a week left of my vacations!

Yesterday we decided to have a day of relaxing, we haven’t done much of that lately so it was about time. We took the subway to Friedrichshein and sat down on one of the many terraces there to have breakfast. The good thing here is that you don’t have to fight for a space on the terrace like in Barcelona, because there are plenty of seats for everyone:


The breakfast was huge of course, let’s not forget that we are in Germany:

Afterwards we took a stroll along East Side Gallery where you can see gorgeous graffitis on what used to be the Berlin wall:






And then we reached our destination, the beach! Along the river Spree you can find beach bars here and there, with sand and everything. We started on the deck of a boat, looking over the river:


And look, I was there too!


We visited another beach bar too, with a pool:


It was lovely to sit and enjoy the great weather, sink our toes in the sand and pretend we were on a beach holiday.

After soaking up the sun it was time to get back to the hotel and prepare for the night. And what a night it was… More of that to come!